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Set Of All 3 2017 Ships

3D Printed in tough ABS plastic, this set of 3 "Hot Wheels" sized (60mm long) toy spaceships are fun for young and uh, more experienced star-hoppers! They come in a range of colors, or you can also choose a plain gray version if you'd like to try your hand at sanding, painting and finishing your ships. Not recommended for children under 6 years old....
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The Workhorse Corvette (Dec 2018)

This is the Spaceship Club ship from December 2018, now available to everyone (just not in the Burgundy color shown, which is exclusive to Club members)! If you need to get your butt to Mars, do a flip-and-burn to Ganymede, chase pirates in the Belt, or tilt at alien windmills, this original but familiar design is for you. :) 3D Printed in tough ABS...
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